Tips for the Charity Challenge 2.0

We are all excited to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee this Saturday, but along with fundraising for this awesome organization everyone wants to kick some ass in the workouts and perform their best!  The following are some tips for how to prepare for the workouts and what to do between the events so that you are ready to hit it hard for the second workout.

Before the workout:

It is very important to get your core temperature elevated, briefly spike your heart rate and then pinpoint some specific mobility areas so that you feel as though you are grooving the movements and hitting perfect and efficient reps every time.  We know all of the movements that are going to be tested in the 414 workout and it is going to be very shoulder and posterior chain heavy.  A good warm-up could look like the following:

  • Spend two minutes on the rower, airdyne or performing some shuttle runs.  Your goal is to elevate your heart rate and a good way to achieve this is by working at an easy pace for 20 seconds then going hard for 20 seconds over the course of the two minutes.
  • Two shoulder mobility movements with the bands that will warm-up your front rack position and make pressing and cleaning more comfortable:  Banded Overhead Distraction, Banded Tricep Stretch.
  • Three hamstring mobility movements:  Rollover to V-Sit, Leg Swings, and spend some time foam rolling.
  • Once you begin warming up for the specific movements that you will be performing with the barbell try to build slowly to the working weight for the challenge.  Always start with an empty barbell and get a lot of quality reps in.  Begin adding weight in 10-20 pound increments and focus on performing the movement as if the full weight was on the barbell.

Between workouts:

The 414 workout is going to be a very challenging workout and you are very likely to push yourself even harder than you typically may in the normal class setting.  Once you finish the workout spend some time cooling down by hopping on an AirDyne and spinning your legs for about two minutes and then get on on a foam roller focusing on any areas that you are feeling fatigued in.  Along with cooling down, it is a great idea to make sure that you are hydrating and eating something simple like a banana to replenish your glycogen stores for the second workout.

Best of luck to everyone this weekend!  Can’t wait to see how everyone performs!


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