Timeline for the Charity Challenge Throwdown

There have been a few questions about the timing for the upcoming challenge. Workout specifics will be revealed next week but here is a general outline. 

The gym will be open starting at 11:30am. You are welcome to come in and do whatever you would like until noon. 

The Challenge starts promptly at noon. 

  • The first event will be a test of strength. You will have 8 minutes to find a max in a barbell complex.
  • Event two will be a power test. This will be a short sprint and you will have two attempts to get your fastest time. 
  • Event three will be a five minute conditioning test. This will have simple but challenging movements that everyone can complete.
  • Event four will be a classic CrossFit workout. For this we will have two versions of the workouts just like in a normal class. 

We anticipate the entirety of the workouts to take no longer than 3 hours. Remember, that immediately after we have our Holiday party. We will provide food and drinks for this. The party goes until the last person leaves! 

If you can only make it for a portion of the time do not worry! Just come whenever you are available. Or, if you can only make the party that is fine as well. 

Also, friends and family are of course welcome. The more the merrier! (As long as they make a donation)

See you all Saturday, December 12th!


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