The Official CrossFit 414 Charity Challenge Wrap Up

 Jason and I delivering all of the donations to Pathfinders Milwaukee CEO Tim Baack
Jason and I delivering all of the donations to Pathfinders Milwaukee CEO Tim Baack

Wow! This year’s Charity Challenge was a resounding success. We were able to nearly double our fundraising from last year and crushed our goal of $2000. Thanks to a generous last minute donation from D.A. we were able to finish with a total raise of $2400. Along with that, we were able to deliver numerous goods to Pathfinders. Thank you to everyone for being so kind with the donations. It feels good to know that all of this money will stay local and benefit the youth of Milwaukee. If you would like to know more about Pathfinders make sure to check out their website.

Along with the money we raised the event itself was great. The effort that everyone showed was inspiring. Furthermore, the support given out by everybody across the board was great to see. Here are some highlights from the day:

Event One:

Find a max complex of 5 Deadlifts + 3 Hang Power Cleans + 1 Shoulder to Overhead

Nicole W. took this one home for the ladies with a lift of 140 lbs In total twelve ladies were able to finish over 100 lbs. 

For the guys, Alex K. won with a 255 lb complex. 

Event Two:

Down and Back Sled Push for time

This event was super exciting. It was loud and fast throughout the duration of the event. There were also some great couples showdowns. 

The ladies winner was Sam W. with a time of 14.5 seconds. Alex K. took his home his second first place with a 13.9 push. Four men in total were able to break the 14 second barrier. 

Event Three:

5 minutes of: 50 ft Sprint/5 Burpees to Plate/50 ft sprint/8 Kettlebell Swings

This was a great test to see who was able to maintain a blistering pace without stopping for five minutes. Danielle G. squeaked out the win for the ladies by one burpee. Seven ladies in total were able to get at least 7 full rounds. 

For the men, Alex E. cruised to finish over 8 rounds. Nine men were able to get past 7 rounds. 

Event Four:

This was the only unknown workout coming into the day. The event was a mash up or squats, pulls and jumping. If you were able to move fast enough the end was an AMRAP of rope climbs. Thirteen ladies were able to get all the way through the workout and six were able to get up the rope under fatigue. Danielle G. won by one rope climb. 

On the men’s side Jack W. was able to get to the rope first. But, Alex E. ended up with one more rope climb for his second event win. 

Overall Winners:

The top two ladies spots were only separated by one point. Sam W. won with 7 points and Danielle G. was second with 8 points. Nicole W. rounded out the podium with 16 points.

The men’s side was even closer. Three men finished with 9 points. We gave a tie for the victory to Alex E. and Alex K. and Jack W. finished in third. 

Spirit of the Challenge:

Perhaps, the most important award. Charla brought it home for the ladies. She helped to set up the silent auction and was responsible for a large chunk of the donations. In addition, she was able to get up the rope three times to finish the day!

Paul F. was the men’s winner. He brought a great Holiday spirit to the party. Doing well across the board and rocking some great Holiday swag.

Thanks again to everyone for the contributions!


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