Soft Start Week: So what’s on the plate?

We have discussed fat and carbs the last two days and now must move onto the final piece of the puzzle. What does a Primal meal look like?

First, your plate should have a high quality protein source. Strive to have a portion of meat, eggs, or seafood that is humanely raised and ideally pastured or grass fed. Making each meal have a protein source will both insure that you get enough protein throughout the day and provide a satiating effect. This means you will feel full until your next meal and not need to snack.

Next, you will surround the protein with vegetables. Prepare these however you see fit. You can roast them, steam them or sautee them. However you do it just make sure that you are getting them in.

You also will want to make sure each meal has at least one source of healthy fat. Olive oil, coconut oil and grass-fed butter are good options to cook with. Also, you could include coconut milk, avocados, nut and seeds or olives. If you are feeling hungry this is where you may want to incorporate a little more.

Last, if you have been working out hard you may want to include some carbs. This is where sweet potatoes, rice, white potatoes or fruit can come in handy. You will probably not need this at every meal. If you do include a carb dense portion just make sure you are already getting your protein, veggies and healthy fat first.

Today’s Challenge:

  • Make sure that your one primal meal is based around a protein source and lots of veggies with a little healthy fat thrown in.


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