Soft Start Week: Sunday Prep Day

One of the best habits that you can develop over the next three weeks is developing a prep strategy to insure that you always have easy Primal meals readily available. This will make it much easier to remain Primal when you finish up a long day at work, get home late and have the urge to settle for something quick, easy and unhealthy. Here are some ideas of prep you could get done today:

  • Proteins: Hard boil eggs, pre-cook some chicken breasts, make a big piece of meat in a crock pot and portion out in tupperware
  • Vegetables: chop up everything that you have on hand, roast a big tray of mixed vegetables
  • Carbs: roast up a bunch of sweet potatoes so you can just take them out of the fridge and add to a meal
  • Make a big batch of stew, chili or soup

Today’s Challenge:

  • Post to comments with what you did for prep day
  • Eat at least one Primal meal and be ready for all three meals starting tomorrow


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