Soft Start Week: Primal Recipes

Over the 3 weeks of the challenge we are going to need to start developing our kitchen skills. Eating out and following the Primal principles is possible, but since you do not know how the food is prepared often times non-primal ingredients can sneak into the mix. Cooking your own meals will assure that you know everything going into them as well as connecting you more to your own meals.

Those who have had the most success with nutrition challenges in the past have 3-5 meals that they enjoy eating and can always fall back on if they find themselves in a pinch and are unable to make an elaborate meals. Take some time today to start looking through Primal or Paleo recipes and start to get some ideas for both easy meals and also a few more elaborate meals for when you have time. In the past popular recipe sites include:

Nom Nom Paleo

The Clothes Make the GirlĀ 


Mark’s Daily Apple Primal Recipes

Today’s Challenge:

  • Eat at least one primal meal
  • Make your own list of 3-5 meals that you will always have available throughout the challenge

Share your meals and any favorite recipe sites, books or individual recipes to comments


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