Soft Start Week: Primal Fats

One of the biggest paradigm shifts for those new to a Primal lifestyle is the increased reliance on fat as a source of energy. Yesterday, we discussed how we will be reducing the amount of carbs that we intake when compared to a typical American diet. We will be replacing the energy that those carbs used to provide with healthy, primal fats. Making the shift to a primal lifestyle means that you can transform from a sugar burner that experiences constant energy swings to a “fat burning beast” that can rely both on dietary fat and your own body fat as fuel.

Of course, there are also unhealthy fats. Over the challenge make sure to avoid polyunsaturated fats such as industrial cooking oils (canola, corn, soybean oil, etc.) and trans fats which are usually found in fried foods.

Healthy primal fats include:

  • Whole food sources- Fat from pastured meats, fish and eggs. Also, avocados and coconut products should be included.
  • Grass fed animal fat, butter and coconut or olive oil to cook with
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Full fat dairy
  • Fish oil as a supplemet

For further reading on fats check here:

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Today’s Challenge:

  • Eat a meal with and post to comments with your favorite Primal source of fat. 
  • Continue to eat at least one Primal meal



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