Primal Blueprint Challenge Details

25 People are already committed to the Primal Blueprint Challenge!

Congratulations to everyone who has already publicly committed to the Primal Blueprint Challenge starting on Monday. This is going to be a blast and we can’t wait for Monday to start it up. Remember, that this is not just a 21 Day Diet. This a a lifestyle challenge and we will all develop habits that we can carry with us far beyond the 3 weeks. Here are a couple action items that we should all accomplish before the weekend:

  • Take a half hour and read through this comprehensive 21 Day Challenge Guide. Follow the links and get a solid understanding of what you will be eating and what changes you will need to make to be successful.
  • Start to think about what your biggest hurdles may be. If you only get 6 hours of sleep each night, what changes can you make for those extra hours? If you live with someone who will not be eating this way, how will you communicate to them this new lifestyle?

Here is how the Challenge will work on our end:

  • Every morning there will be a new blog post up with a little Primal Lifestyle Information
  • Before going to sleep that night we will all comment on how we did for that day using a 5 point scale. This will hold you accountable on a daily basis and will also be a lot of fun.
    • 3 points for your nutrition that day. Post what you ate and if you made any awesome recipes you would recommened for the group.
    • 1 point for your sleep, 8 hours will be the standard for this
    • 1 point for a Daily Challenge. This will be anything from going for a long walk, eating something new or exploring a Farmer’s Market. These will be posted at the start of the week so you will have time to get ready for them.
  • We will embrace the challenge and have a lot of fun. Those who had the most success with our Whole30 challenge were the people who made sure to post everyday and were active in our community.

Let’s start up the comments today. There have been some people asking for guidance on preparing meals.

What are your favorite Paleo/Primal recipe sites? Leave a comment so others can check them out. 


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