Out of town? Do these Travel WODs!

For those of you that are out of town for the Holidays here are ten workouts that you can do with zero equipment and a couple that you need minimal equipment for. It goes without saying that these workouts will also be accompanied by a 100% Paleo diet free of cookies, alcohol and any other Holiday treats.

If you are going to be gone all week try to get 3-4 workouts in. Pick the days that you will do them now so you don’t give into all of the Holiday temptations and come back with no workouts completed. So many of you have made great progress over the last 2-3 months and you don’t want to lose it now going into the New Year.

Workout #1:


Burpees and Sit Ups

Workout #2:

Alternating Tabata Split Jumps and Push Ups

Complete 20 seconds of split jumps, rest ten seconds, twenty seconds of push ups, rest ten seconds times 8.

Workout #3:

4 Rounds:

Run 400m

50 Air Squats

Use Gmap Pedometer to easily map out the distance for your run.

Workout #4:

10 rounds:

10 Walking Lunges

10 Clapping Push Ups

Workout #5:

100 Burpees for Time

If you do this voluntarily you will receive a gold star when you return to the gym.

Workout #6:

4 x (:30 work/:30 rest) Jumping Squat

rest 2 minutes

4 x (:30 work/:30 rest) Split Jump

rest 2 minutes

4 x (:30 work/:30 rest) Burpees

Workout #7:

80 Air Squats

60 second FLR Hold (top of push up position)

60 Sit Ups

60 second FLR Hold

40 Lunge Steps

60 second FLR Hold

Workout #8:


Lunges (right and left leg equals one rep)

Sit Ups


Workout #9:

10 minute Ladder:

2 Burpees, 2 Sit Ups, 2 Air Squats then

4 Burpees, 4 Sit Ups, 4 Air Squats then

6 Burpees, 6 Sit Ups, 6 Air Squats… see how high you can go in ten minutes

Workout #10:

If you have a treadmill set it to an 8-10% grade and approximately your 5k running pace. Do a tabata interval (8 times :20 work/:10 rest). The belt will need to be running constantly and you will need to jump on and off for each work period. Make sure to practice the jump on and off prior to the workout. This is a great workout though and you will get very curious looks from others. Check out this video for an example.

Space and equipment permitting also try to get some handstand works, pull ups or double unders in.

Time away from the gym is always great to work on your mobility. Go to mobilitywod.com and either go back to the first episode or search on the right hand side for any areas that you feel tight or limited. It’s always quick and easy to spend some time in the couch stretch or even just try to get 10 minutes in the bottom of the squat.

If you have any questions or want more ideas let me know.


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