Nutrition Resources and the First Challenge

We will start the week by getting educated on the Primal nutrition principles and what we will be eating over the 3 weeks of the challenge. Please take a few minutes to read this:

The Definitive Guide to the Primal Eating Plan

Main takeaways from that article are:

  • Body composition will be largely dependent on your nutritional choices
  • Proteins and fats should be the building blocks of every meal
  • Carbs can be limited to what you need to provide glucose for your brain and recover from exercise

So what will you actually be eating? Take a look at the Primal food pyramid:

There are endless combinations of meals that you can make that will all fall in line with the Primal principles.

Starting today, make at least one meal everyday following the primal nutrition principles. This can simply be a quick and easy breakfast of scrambled eggs with some veggies, a salad with some protein at lunch or a elaborate dinner. Either way, start practicing your cooking skills and get a feel for how you will approach the challenge and difficulties you may encounter when we start the next week.

Post to the comments with the meal you chose for today. If you have any questions also make sure to post. 


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