November Member of the Month

Congratulations to our November Member of the Month, Cristina! You might find her at the gym showcasing her strength on the barbell or on your TV fulfilling her role as a Sports Reporter for CBS 58. Wherever she is at, she always brings a great energy and lots of smiles. We love having her at the gym. Take a look below to learn more about Cristina!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a former competitive figure skater that gravitated towards CrossFit because I love the structure and rigor of the workouts. For an hour a day, I get to feel like an athlete all over again. 

Are you a Milwaukee local? If not, where are you from?

I’m a proud Colorado native but work has moved me around just a little bit. CrossFit is the consistency I can count on when I move to a new place. Each box is unique and from my experience they each have a real sense of community. It’s always been a great way to meet people.

How long have you been a CrossFit 414 member?

I joined CrossFit 414 in the fall of 2019…I think. 

What encourages you to keep coming back?

Most people have some kind of body image hangup. I have thunder thighs and a bootie. But once I get into the gym and tear up a workout, I look at what amazing things my body is capable of and how those parts of me that I criticize, are the very thing that carried me through it. CrossFit has helped me appreciate my body as a tool, and this tool is pretty badass.

Tell us about your nutrition since joining CrossFit 414?

Member of the month is a big honor for me. Our gym’s first member of the month, Mac Antigua has become a big part of my journey and I don’t even think he realizes it. Over the last year Mac has transformed his body and a lot of that started with how he fueled it. Our conversations really led me to think about what I’m putting in my body. Nutrition equals performance, it’s simple. 

What do you tell yourself before starting a challenging workout?

Right before a WOD I can always feel a little surge of adrenaline charge through me. It’s usually because I know Leah is either going to be hot on my tail, or I’m going to be tailing her, or she is going to be egging on the entire gym on to #BeatTom. That friendly competition has turned into a very cool training partner and friendship. She pushes me and I think she helps bring out the best in my workouts. 

For people who haven’t joined yet, what would you tell them?

For people who haven’t joined yet, all I can say is….There is no better investment to make than in your health. I have never regretted any gym membership especially my affiliation with CrossFit 414. It’s like a health insurance policy that I don’t mind paying for. This is a group of people that push you, coaches you pay attention to detail and an hour a day that you are committing to YOU. In a world full of stresses and anxiety, no one is going to set that time aside for you. Taking care of yourself is a choice, why not do it with a bunch of rad people.


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