New Mobile Zenplanner Solution!

If you have tried using Zenplanner to reserve classes on your phone you may have realized that it was a little buggy and never worked the best. However, there is now a new responsive mobile website that makes the process super easy. Here are some simple (hopefully) steps that can get you set up on a mobile device.
1. If you have the app delete it. You do not need it anymore.

2. From your phone go . If you have an iPhone make sure to use the default Safari browser for this step.

3. This screen will automatically pop up. Add the page to your homescreen and it will look and function just like an app.

Add to Home Screen

4. You can now log in to sign up for classes. There is also now the option to manage your payment options and see any upcoming bills. If you lose a card, have a new expiration date or just want to begin paying with a different card you can change that on your own.

5. Click on the generic lady or guy image and add a photo of yourself so we can see your smiling face whenever we log on Zenplanner.

I was told that these steps are pretty much the same for Android phones. I will test it out later and update this post if there are any big differences.

One final note. You currently have to log in every time that go back to the site but I talked to the Zenplanner people on the phone and they said this will be changed soon. If you have any questions email or talk to Jason or I in class.


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