Marcus Wallace, CrossFit 414 Owner & CF-L1 Trainer

I grew up in Germantown playing all different sports, settling on football, basketball and track during high school. After that, I ended up playing football at Yale University. I was born and raised in Wisconsin and knew after college, that I didn’t want to stay on the East Coast long term. Being near family was really important for me. 

The summer of 2008, I was between my freshman and sophomore year of college and needed a place to do football workouts. My buddy had started doing CrossFit at school and after reading some CrossFit Journal articles we realized we could get everything we needed set up in my parent’s garage. We made our own gym with a platform and (super dangerous) pull-up bar that would shake the house. I did CrossFit workouts intermittently while playing football and then went all in after graduating. 

 Playing sports, I always loved the training environment and how it could bring out the best in people. CrossFit is unique in that it is incredibly challenging. But, at the same time we will never tell people they cannot do something. I wanted to help develop people physically but also show them how capable they are. 

 Thrusters are my favorite movement. They are incredibly versatile. You can go light and fast for conditioning or go heavy to get strong everywhere. Being a taller athlete makes them more difficult too, and thus more rewarding. I probably cherry picked my first CrossFit workout, something my friends were doing that was suited well for me. But, I also do remember doing “Filthy 50” a lot starting up and getting crushed by the knees to elbows. 

 My fitness goals have shifted a lot. Right now, I am hitting our class workouts hard and doing some extra running and biking to get ready for a sprint triathlon. My favorite part about CrossFit is that I love being able to workout and share in the experience with people of all different abilities and backgrounds. The way CrossFit brings people together is magical. 

 My favorite thing to do outside of the gym is hang out with Nicole and Miles, visit local breweries (follow me on Untappd @MarcusWallace), smoke briskets, and ride my bike (follow me on Strava). 

 Advice to new members: Above all be consistent. We have a great coaching staff that takes care of everyone who walks through our doors. All you have to do is show up. Also, don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments!


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