Hillary Deppe, CF-L1 Trainer


 I’ve been doing CrossFit for the last four years and CrossFit 414 has been my one and only gym. I heard about the fitness regime from my sister, but the first time I was able to do an actual workout was in college. A friend invited me to CrossFit Fort Atkinson where we worked out with Jeb Simmons (2x CF Games Athlete) and his brother. So it was hard. The WOD included wallballs & rope climbs, and I’ll never forget the disappointment I had when I couldn’t complete a single rope climb. As a kid I did a lot of different sports, including gymnastics, and I could most certainly climb a rope. But I could also do 12 pull-ups. Things have changed since then, mainly the fact that I’m no longer 100 lbs.

Growing up playing all different kinds of sports, like swimming, diving, basketball, volleyball and soccer, have helped shape my love for the variety in sport. It’s also inspired my love for CrossFit (which we define as: Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains). 🙂

Fast forward a few years.. I finished school, started my full-time job and put on 20 lbs.  That’s when I decided to really commit to things. Starting off, I couldn’t do a strict pull-up (another disappointment from 12 year-old-self), but that led to my first CrossFit goal: A single strict pull-up. I practiced them constantly with rings rows, negatives, banded PUs, etc. Once I started seeing improvements, I created new goals for myself. The current being, building enough strength to string ring muscle-ups together more consistently.

I decided to get my Level 1 certification in September of 2018 and started coaching shortly after. I figured, if I can do this for myself, I can help other people become better versions of themselves (and maybe help them get their first strict pull-up). My goal as a coach is to challenge, motivate and inspire our members and help them achieve their fitness goals.


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