Grass Fed Meat Delivery

Steve from VDL Grassfed Beef will be making a run to the area soon. He has provided pasture raised beef and pork for numerous gyms in the area and will also be making a stop at our gym on Saturday, October 12th as long as we get big enough of an order. His farm is in northern Wisconsin and none of the cows are fed anything besides grass and hay. They are also antibiotic and hormone free and have access to the outdoors all year long. The pork is also pastured with the only exception being in the winter they are fed corn and grains.

You can check out the pictures on the VDL GrassFed Facebook page. Awesome!

Here is what is available to order for an Oct 12th pick up at the gym. All orders must be into us by Wednesday, October 9th at noon so we can forward it onto Steve.


Mixed Share: 10-15 lbs of beef. 6 One Pound Packages of Ground Beef. Approximately 3.5 pounds of steak and 3.5 pounds of roast. Price is $5.80/lb. This is an awesome deal for grassfed beef!

Hamburger Share: 11 or 12 packages of ground beef that weighs approximately 12.5 lbs. This has a special price of $5.10/lb for now.

Individual Items:

Beef Snack Sticks: $20/lb

Beef Bratwurst: 1.5 lb package for $8.20/lb

Beef Wieners: 1 lb package for $12.50

Steak: $10.00/lb

Roast: $6.50/lb

Tongue: $6.00/lb

Beef Fat (unrendered): $5.00/lb

Beef Jerky: 8oz package for $17.00

Beef Liver, Bones, Marrow and Joint: $1.00/lb


Bacon: $6.50/lb. Regular thick cut.

Boston/Canadian Bacon: $5.35/lb.

Chicago Style Bacon: $5.25/lb.

Canadian Style Bacon: $5.35/lb.

Beef Brisket Bacon: $5.35/lb.

Ham: $3.75/lb

Ham Steak: $4.15/lb

Pork Bratwurst: $5.75/lb

Pork Steak: $3.00/lb

Pork Chops: $5.25/lb

Pork Roast: $3.50/lb

Pork Fat (unrendered): $2.00//lb

Sausage: $4.30/lb

How to Order:

1. E-mail with your name, email and order. As an example:

Name: Marcus Wallace


Order: 1 Mixed Share, 4 lbs ground beef, 4 lbs beef liver

2. Steve will e-mail you with a final invoice prior to delivery on October 12th.

3. Pick up will be the morning of October 12th. We will distribute the meat and take care of payments at that time.

This is super easy and a great value! He doesn’t come to the Milwaukee area all that often so make sure to stock up and take advantage of this. E-mail me with your order or any questions.


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