Goals Week!

Our skill of the week is going to be focused on goal setting.  We want everyone to walk away from this week with a clearly defined goal/goals set for themselves that will provide focus both inside and outside of our gym.

  • Why do you CrossFit? (Do you CrossFit to lose weight?  To prepare for a marathon?  Because you enjoy competing?)  All of these reasons are motivations to come to our gym every week and we want everyone to have that reason clearly defined for themselves so that we can all collectively be working toward achieving our individual goals and improving our overall health.  More to come on this later in the week!

  • The community inside of our gym is something that we are very proud of and is an incredibly powerful and motivating aspect that many gyms do not provide.  We want to take full advantage of this by challenging everyone to post a goal on our white board by the end of the week that will remain up for the entire month.  This will allow us to support each other and will force us each to take ownership of our goal and not just be something that we think about this week and then never revisit

  • By setting clearly defined goals, we can measure and take pride in the achievements of our goals.  It will allow each of us to see the the forward progress we are making and motivate everyone to work toward achieving that goal and continuing to improve overall health.

  • These goals are also going to help guide future conversations with both Marcus and I.  After this week, we want to personally reach out to everyone at the gym through email at least every two months.  In these emails we can continue to strategize ways to achieve the goals that you have set.

What will your goal be for the month of August? Start thinking of it now. We will have more ideas and tips to help you set your goals throughout the week.


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