February Member of the Month

Our February Member of the Month truly embodies the CF414 spirit. All of our coaches love having her in class because of the great energy and spirit that she brings to every workout. Although she loves the barbell she also makes sure to challenge herself to improve in all aspects of her fitness.

Our February Member of the Month is Tessa! Keep reading to learn more about her story.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a lifelong athlete and social butterfly who found CrossFit accidentally and was drawn to the fast-paced, ever-changing look and feel of the WODs. 

Are you a Milwaukee local? If not, where are you from?

I grew up in rural Illinois, just outside of Chicago before I moved to Denver CO. From there, I moved to Milwaukee about a year and a half ago!

How long have you been a CrossFit 414 member?

I joined CrossFit 414 in August 2019, almost Day One of moving to Milwaukee

What inspired you to start CrossFit?

A disdain for running. I had been running with a friend and genuinely HATED doing it. The monotony of running was not for me. Luckily, I lived right down the street from CrossFit Park Hill in Denver, walked in for a random class and the rest is history.

Tell us a little bit about your fitness journey.

I started playing sports at a young age. I played roller hockey for 10 years before I had to give it up due to injury. I then played tennis and ran track through high school and college. 

Which movement is your favorite?

Any barbell move! Squats and deadlifts are my favorite, but I’m learning to love snatches and clean and jerks

What encourages you to keep coming back?

Feeling better, physically and spiritually. Being a part of a community when you first step into a new city is so good for the soul and with CrossFit 414, you get that day one. It’s an added benefit to see yourself getting fitter and stronger. 

How has CrossFit 414 helped you in your line of work?

CrossFit has really helped me prioritize a work/life balance. Working from home, it’s really easy to be sucked into your work and forget to disconnect. Making sure I book an evening class is a trigger for me to start shutting down work for the day. It’s a true self-care method to know that it’s okay to not be on 24/7 😊

What do you like most about being a member?

The community. There are truly not better people in the world than the members of CrossFit 414. Regularly being told to pipe down because Coach needs to explain the workout is my M.O., but that’s because everyone in class is a friend. You are truly surrounded by bright, friendly, incredible people who care about you when you walk in the door here.

Tell us about your nutrition since joining CrossFit 414?

Seeing the progress from physical fitness makes it a lot more compelling to add good nutrition to your routine. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE snacks and a good beverage. But you learn to remember moderation.

Where have you noticed success?

Cardio moves get easier every day. Where I was usually lagging behind the group on the bike or row before, I am keeping up and learning how to set a good pace for myself. I’ve also been able to push myself to compete with others versus just completing the work out. It’s fun to find Eron or Shannon in the 5pm and know I have to keep pace with them.

What do you do outside of the gym to stay active?

Tennis, yoga and walking around the city are my favorite activities.

What milestones have you acheieved since joining CrossFit 414?

I can do two T2B in a row! I also recently hit a 215 (2) rep max for back squat. And Tram hasn’t told me to tuck in my wonky foot in a while, which means my squat stance is getting better 😊

What do you tell yourself before starting a challenging workout?

 “Work hard so Leah won’t yell at you”

What is your next fitness goal?

I’d like to get to a place where I can do 5 pull ups in a row. I will also figure out double unders if it’s the last thing I do!!

For people who haven’t joined yet what would you tell them?

Just make the jump! I promise you won’t regret it. At every box I have been to, especially at 414, both the coaches and your fellow athletes take the time to really note your strengths and weaknesses and push you to be better. Everyone around you wants to see you succeed. Fitness is a lot easier and a lot more fun when you have a team of supporters around you to cheer you on. Worst case: you may not be able to put your arms above your head the next day. Best case: you will meet some of your best friends and you will get so fit in the process! 


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