December 14th Charity Challenge Finals Details

The Charity Challenge and CrossFit 414 Holiday Party are less than TWO WEEKS AWAY on December 14th!!  We are very excited for this event and wanted to provide everyone with some additional details as well as some donation options for everyone.  Remember all money raised during the Charity Challenge is going to benefit Pathfinders.  Read more about this organization here.

Charity Challenge:  The first Charity Challenge heat will begin at 10am with heats running every eight minutes after.  Marcus and I will create a list of four person heats before the challenge and post online next week.

Your Donation: Everyone that participates in the event will pay $25 with 100% of that going toward Pathfinders.  On the day of the event  we will have a sheet with all participants names and you can decide on your method of payment.  You can either pay cash, give a check, or have your account on file billed.

Holiday Party:  The Holiday Party starts the second you finish up with your Charity Challenge workout. We will calculate the top male and female scorers as well as the most improved male and female and give out a prize bag to each at this time.

The Holiday Party is also the time to show off your chef skills!  We will have a “Paleo” approved and a “non-Paleo” approved table (on separate ends of the gym of course…) so bring your favorite treats!  Games will be set up and the party will run as long as everyone want to hang around.

Additional Ways to Donate:

  • Wish List:  Pathfinders has provided us with a wish-list of items that are in high demand.  These items requested include bus passes, basic hygiene products, as well as school supplies.  You can see the full wish list here.  We will be collecting these items up until December 14th so feel free to bring them into the gym when you come to class!

  • Auction: Charla did an amazing job fundraising for the Barbells for Boobs event back in November and through her efforts received some gear (Reebok sweatshirt and Strength Wraps) that she has been nice enough to contribute for us to auction off at the Holiday Party.  We have these items on display at the gym hanging above the shirts so check them out next time you come to class!  Top bidder will receive each item!

  • Dan Stiller’s Challenge:  After Dan completed the Charity Challenge prelims, he emailed Marcus with the following challenge:

 “My charity challenge pledge is this: in addition to the entry fee, I’ll pay five additional dollars for every additional rep I do beyond my baseline.  So if I manage to again get through the round of 15 and then get back on the bar, my 16th thruster in the round of 20 will be five extra dollars to the charity.  If I manage a 17th rep, that’ll be another five bucks to the cause. Etc.  It’s easy for me to pledge this because I’m doubtful I’ll have too many extra reps in me by the 14th: if I make it to a 20th thruster, that’ll be an extra $25 to the charity but it may be the first time you’ve had to summon an ambulance to the gym.”

 Anyone that would like to take on Dan’s challenge is more than welcome to, if even at a dollar per extra repetition!


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