Day 9/21: Go coco-nuts!

One item that I never ate much of before starting the Paleo/Primal lifestyle was the coconut. Now, it seems almost everyday I will have coconut in some form. This is my go to healthy fat and I use the numerous forms of coconut that are available:

  • Coconut oil- This a heat stable coconut oil that I like to use for cooking my eggs in or sautéing some vegetables. It’s also melt in your mouth good when eaten with a spoon!
  • Coconut milk- You can use this as a base for curries or soups. Try some in your coffee or mix it up in a smoothie.
  • Shredded/Flaked Coconut- I love to toast this up and top a dish with it or eat it with some bananas fried in coconut oil for a treat.
  • Coconut flour- Use this for the occasional Primal baked good.

Today’s Challenge: Prepare a coconut based dish or try coconut in a new way. If you find any awesome coconut dishes make sure to share with the group!


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