Day 7/21: Food Prep!

There is nothing better than a nice lazy Sunday and a little bit of Primal food prep. In my opinion, this habit is one of the most important to develop to follow a Primal lifestyle. It’s awesome to not feel rushed in the kitchen and and know that you will have some meals to turn to when the stresses of the week start to get to you.

Today’s Challenge: Prep your food for a Primal Week

Here are some ideas for what you can be doing today:

  • Throw a big chunk of protein in a slow cooker then portion it out for lunches for the week,
  • Rinse and chop your vegetables. Since I started doing this I rarely have to deal with any veggies going bad.
  • Roast a whole bunch of sweet potatoes.
  • Hard boil some eggs or make a frittata and portion it out.

Paleo Diet: Pre-Cooking a Week’s Worth of Meals

Weekly Food Prep Tips- Stupid Easy Paleo

Comment with your points and what you did to set yourself up for success this week



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