Day 6/21: Eat local!

Happy Saturday! Make sure you take some time to relax and unwind this weekend. Get outside and reconnect with nature a little. Today’s challenge is super easy, get to a Farmer’s Market and buy some local produce or animal products. There is nothing better than casually strolling through a local Farmer’s Market on a crisp fall day. Here are some of the nearby options:

The East Side Green Market– In the Beans and Barley parking lot. Small but super convenient if you will be at the gym.

East Town Market– Located in Cathedral Square Park. They even have yoga at 9am if you won’t be going to CrossFit.

South Shore Farmer’s Market– In Bay View. I have never been but I have heard great things and that it is well worth the drive.

Comment with your points and what you got from the farmer’s market. 


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