Day 5/21: Primal Meal Challenge

Awesome work wrapping up the first week on the Primal Challenge everyone! Hopefully, you all made it through the week without stressing over food too much. A big part of having success with your nutrition is being consistent and always having some go to meals or snacks that you can turn too when you suddenly become super busy and don’t have as much time. Over the weekend I encourage you all to have some fun in the kitchen and start thinking of some big meals for the next week that you may want to prep.

Also, if some of you are not feeling as well on the challenge I encourage you to check out this post from the Whole30. Usually these next couple of days are where your body really starts to adapt and you will come out of this weekend feeling amazing!

Today’s Challenge:

Cook a Primal Meal or order a Primal Meal at a restaurant. If you cook try to find a sous chef and have some fun. Maybe even have a glass of red wine while you cook. If you go out to eat ask questions and make any substitutions necessary.  Most places will gladly sub some veggies for your typical sides. If you find a good Primal Meal make sure to report back.

We really want everyone to develop some healthy habits that will carry beyond these 21 days. Balancing the social interaction along with this new healthy diet will be key.

How to Eat Healthy Dining Out

Post your points and your Primal meal for the day



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