Day 3/21: Active Couch Potato

Here we go people. Everyone has been killing the challenges and nutrition so far. Let’s really work on dialing the sleep in a little bit too. Going from 5-6 hours of sleep a night to at least 8 will lead to huge changes. Hopefully you all enjoyed the evening stroll last night and can incorporate that into a calming ritual before bed now. Today’s challenge is a fun one and hopefully will get you some weird stares.

Today’s Challenge: 

The Active Couch Potato. Do not go over 30 minutes today without taking at least a 2 minute break for some movement. This could be going for a short stroll, busting out a plank or doing some easy push ups, sit ups and squats. Set an alarm on your phone for a reminder if you need to and have fun with it. Maybe a coworker will see you and you can spark up a conversation about this Primal thing you are doing.

A couple of good links:

Lauren J. posted this recipe for a cauliflower hummus in the comments. I look forward to trying it.

Dear Mark: Your 21 Day Challenge Questions Answered

Post your points to comments. If you are struggling with anything make sure to post that too and get help from the community.


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