Day 21/21: Primal Reflections

Congratulations on dominating these three weeks everyone! Hopefully, you are all planning a big Primal feast right now to celebrate and prepping for another good week of eating Primal. I had a blast with this challenge and hope that you all did also. Today we simply want to hear your reflections on this experience.

Did you have any big transformations? Did you lose some weight or are your pants fitting a little looser? Were any nagging problems that you had before this cleared up? What did you struggle with? Was it tough staying strong at work or did you have to answer a lot of annoying questions about this “diet”? What foods did you really miss? What was your favorite part about the challenge? What changed for you over these 21 days and where do you see the Primal Blueprint fitting into your lifestyle going forward?

Reflect in a paragraph or two on this challenge in the comments. 


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