Day 19/21: Three Primal Habits

Todays’ challenge is the most important one yet! Even if you fell off the comments a little bit this last week we want to hear from as many of you as possible. Our main goal going into this challenge was to develop some new habits you will transition easily into your life outside of the challenge. The beauty of the Primal Lifestyle is how easily you can maintain it beyond these 21 days. Whether you are a Primal/Paleo veteran that just wanted to dial it in for three weeks or someone completely new to this lifestyle we want to hear three Primal habits that you started in these 21 days that you will continue to incorporate into your life.

Here are my three habits:

  1. The Evening Stroll! I love this. It is a great way to unwind from dinner and get off of the screens before bed while also catching up with a walking buddy.
  2. High quality meats. I love that we are getting the grass fed beef delivery and will continue to always try and get my eggs/fish/beef from the highest quality sources.
  3. Eating seasonally. I love to head to the store/market and just get whatever is freshest and local. Winter squash!

Post with your three new Primal habits


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