Day 17/21: Vitamin D

You can get pretty much all of the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals from a Primal diet heavy on vegetables, fruits and animal products. However, just like it is wise to take fish oil to combat the prevalence of Omega 6 fatty acids, you should also consider taking some Vitamin D. During the summer it is easy to get outside, play a little or go for a long hike and get enough sun exposure to meet your Vitamin D requirement. But, winter is coming! Vitamin D contributes to both a healthy immune system and regulation of calcium absorption. It has also been linked to a decrease in chances of developing osteoporosis, the flu and heart disease.

Today’s Challenge: Start taking a Vitamin D supplement. This has been cited as one of the largest modern day nutrient deficiencies. Yet, a sufficient level of Vitamin D can be achieved easily by supplementation. Many recommend that you start with 4000 IU per day.


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