Day 15/21: Honor Hunger

* Don’t forget orders for the grass fed beef are due Wednesday at noon *

Week Three of the Primal Challenge! I hope that the transition to becoming a “fat burning beast” is going well for everyone. One of my favorite aspects of the primal lifestyle is the ability to simply let your hunger guide your meals. Like many, I used to stress out about eating every three hours or getting my recommended protein intake. Now I can easily skip a meal without feeling sluggish and I do quite often. As s sugar burner you can easily drain your blood glucose supply which will quickly prompt you to seek our more carbs to regulate. Fortunately, as a fat burning beast this doesn’t happen.

Today’s Challenge: Honor hunger. Instead of eating on a strict schedule, simply eat when you are hungry and then eat a delicious Primal meal until you are satisfied. If you didn’t see this challenge early enough try on Tuesday morning to skip breakfast and do a little intermittent fasting and see how you feel.

The Myriad Benefits of Intermittent Fasting


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