Day 13/21: Meal Analysis

Have a great primal Saturday! If anyone is looking for some reading this Saturday I highly encourage you to check out the Primal Blueprint Success Stories. It is amazing to see how many people have had life changing results following the primal principles. People from all walks of life and different start points have made complete transformations. Check them out and get inspired!

Todays’ Challenge: Do a nutritional breakdown of at least one of your meals. We do not want to be on a strict calorie counting diet, but should still have an idea of what we are fueling our bodies with. Choose one of your meals and enter it into an online nutritional database. For extra credit compare it to one of your typical meals before starting to eat Primal. Remember if you are looking to lose weight around 100g of carbs should be the “sweet spot”. See if you are close to hitting that number.


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