Day 1/21: Clear out the pantries!

I wanted to get this post up a bit early with our challenge officially beginning tomorrow. Hopefully you all indulged in a few non-primal treats this weekend and are ready to dial it in and develop some life long habits over these next three weeks!

Today’s Challenge:

The first challenge is clear out your pantries and fridge of any food that goes against the Primal way of eating. This step is HUGE and is absolutely necessary to set you up for success. If you keep food around “just in case” you will give into the cravings at some point. Trust me, by the end of these 21 days you will wonder how those foods ever even used to tempt you and will not want them back. Bread, pasta, sugary treats, sweetened beverages, beans, peanut butter, industrial oils… get rid of it all! Replace it with primal foods. Your fridge and pantry should now be stocked with meat, fish, eggs, fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, high quality fats and high fat dairy products.

Just a reminder, we will be putting up a new post everyday with the next going up Tuesday morning. By either Monday evening or Tuesday morning you should comment on this post and give yourself a score out of 5. The points will break down as follows:

  • 3 points for your nutrition. You should always shoot for all three of these! If you had three solid Primal meals give yourself all of the points. Write down what you ate too; it is a lot of fun to see what other people are trying out with this lifestyle or just get some meal ideas.
  • 1 point for your sleep quality. The first week we will all be shooting for 7 hours of sleep at least with one hour of wind down time free of electronics and other stimulation. By week two we will all shoot for 8 hours so adapt some new sleep habits now. This is huge!
  • 1 point for completing the daily challenge.

Also, post some of your highlights or challenges. Many of us will struggle with the same things so it is nice to know that you are in the same boat as other. If you have any questions also make sure to ask them in the comments.

There is no formal winners or loser for this challenge. But, in the past those who comment and hold themselves accountable on a daily basis have had the most success. It will also be a blast to be a part of this community of 30+ people dedicated to adapting this new lifestyle.

Comment away!


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