Day 11/21: The Grok Squat

Who is Grok? 

Grok is Mark’s Daily Apple’s representation of our Primal Ancestors. Grok was a hunter-gatherer who was lean, agile and free of modern disease. He lived a life that was free of the stresses of modern day life, ate primally and moved a lot. Thus, he can serve as a framework for how to live our life in the modern world. We do not need to live entirely like Grok and surely can indulge in some modern conveniences. Yet, there is much that we can learn by looking at the life that Grok may have lived.

Today’s Challenge: Grok didn’t have many chairs to sit in and surely didn’t spend 8+ hours a day seated. Today we will spend 5 minutes in the “Grok squat”. This was Grok’s default position for resting, socializing and eating meals. Just drop into a squat, keep your feet flat on the floor and rock back and forth a little. You will get a good stretch through your calves, achilles, quads, hamstrings and lower back. Use a pole if needed and break up the 5 minutes if you want.


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