Day 10/21: Take it Slow

Mark from Mark’s Daily Apple

A big reason that we love the Primal Blueprint and wanted to run this challenge at the gym is to simplify some of the things that people often over analyze. Rather than counting calories and stressing over macronutrients you can simply eat meat, vegetables, fruits and some healthy fats until you feel satiated and most problems will take care of themselves. The Primal lifestyle is also about taking some time to really enjoy life and not let it just rush by. A simple practical approach can often yield better results then focusing on the details and overcomplicating aspects of health and fitness:

  • Diet- Think of the “slow food” movement. Buy local, avoid processed foods and eat in a relaxed environment. Eat until you are happy and avoid overeating.
  • Digital Stimulation- Leave your phone at home sometimes. Try to wind down at the end of the day and avoid always being “on”.
  • Exercise- Get in to the gym for your high intensity workouts each week and make sure you are moving and getting outside besides that. Make sure to have some unstructured fun if you tend to follow a rigid workout structure.
  • Sleep- Give yourself the optimum environment for success. Keep a dark bedroom at a comfortable sleeping temperature.
  • Work- Find time to move around a little each day and not be stuck at a desk for 8 hours every day.

What aspect of the Primal lifestyle has been your favorite so far?

Today’s Challenge: Eat in a relaxed environment free of television, phones and computers. Enjoy a good conversation or a little reflection on the day. Focus on chewing your food for optimal digestion and satisfaction too.


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