CrossFit 414 Throwdown



Warms ups will begin at 930 am and the ladies will start the Throwdown up for us at 945am with the Snatch Gauntlet. Friends and family are all welcome to come cheer you on. Brunch treats and mimosas will immediately follow.

The Snatch Gauntlet

Athletes will enter the gauntlet and have 40 seconds to successfully complete a lift at each bar. This will be followed immediately by a 20 second transition period to advance to the next bar. Weights will be as follows:

Females: 35/45/55/65/75/80/85/90 lbs

Males: 75/95/115/135/145/155/165/175/185 lbs

All athletes who complete the gauntlet will move onto the call out round. There will be one bar set up starting at 95 lbs for females and 195 lbs for males. Upon having their name called athletes will have 30 seconds to approach the bar and complete the lift. After all athletes have lifted ten pounds will be added to the bar and the next round will commence. Snatch competition will end when the final athlete can no longer complete a lift.

Clean and Jerk Elimination Ladder

The clean and jerk will be tested with a series of three bar ladders. The ladders weights are as follows:


Ladder 1: 45/55/65 lbs

Ladder 2: 75/85/95 lbs

Ladder 3: 105/110/115 lbs


Ladder 1: 95/115/135 lbs

Ladder 2: 155/175/195 lbs

Ladder 3: 205/225/245 lbs

Three ladders will be set up and all three athletes will begin together. You will have 60 seconds to complete Ladder 1, 75 seconds to complete Ladder 2and 90 seconds to complete Ladder 3. All athletes who successfully complete the three ladders will move onto the call out round. This will follow the same procedure as the snatch with females starting at 125 lbs and males at 255 lbs.


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