CrossFit 414 Nutrition Challenge

infographic from Mark’s Daily Apple

I hope that everyone is feeling rejuvenated after a fun and relaxing Holiday surrounded by family and friends. Now it is time to get back to training and dialling in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Beginning next week Monday (January 12th) we will be kicking off a nutrition challenge. Our challenge will be following the principles as laid out by Mark’s Daily Apple in his Primal Blueprint 21 Day Challenge. This is a format that we have followed before to great success in previous challenges. Everyone who follows the challenge for the full 21 days sees improvement at the gym, increased energy levels at work and body composition changes. By partaking in the challenge you will not only get the immediate health benefits but you will also be able to develop habits that will last far beyond the 21 days.

Not sure what Primal or Paleo eating is? No worries! This week is going to be our soft start week. Over the next week we will be posting numerous educational resources, recipes and challenges to help you prep for a successful 21 days. Here is all you need to know for today:

When: Our 21 days will run from January 12th until February 2nd. By the end you may wish to continue it on indefinitely!

What: This is primarily a nutrition challenge following the Primal/Paleo principles. We will also post other resources related to lifestyle such as sleep, supplements and activity outside the gym. The bulk of the results will come from following a sound nutritional approach focused on quality food.

How: There will be a blog post everyday which you can comment on. We will run on a 5 point system. 3 points for nutrition (one each meal), 1 point for sleep (at least 7 hours) and 1 point for the day’s challenge. This will keep you accountable to your peer group and is also a fun way to share your successes and struggles with the challenge. There are many within our community who have adopted this lifestyle and would be glad to help.

Make sure to keep watching the blog this week for more information!


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