CrossFit 414 In House Throwdown

Ready for the first day at the old space, circa August 2012

At the end of this month we will have been open for 2 whole years. We are going to be celebrating the occasion with an In House Throwdown on September 6th. This will be an awesome event for everyone to test their fitness and then celebrate and mingle at the afterparty. We wanted to put out some more details and start to get everyone signed up so we can organize the heats and get a schedule for the workouts set.

The Workouts:

There will be three workouts on the day. A test of strength, conditioning test and a open style chipper. By design everyone will be able to complete all of the workouts but they will also be very challenging for some of our best athletes. We will begin to reveal the workouts the week of the challenge. Our classes over the next month will also be geared to make sure everyone is comfortable with and ready to crush the workouts.

The Party:

This will be our best party yet. We are going to get food catered for everyone (which is why we need you to sign up ahead of time!) and will be getting some kegs. The party will start immediately after the last workout and will go until the last person leaves.

The Details:

Registering for the event:

The fee for this event is $25 and will cover all of the workouts, food and drink. E-mail to sign up or simply put your name on the board at the gym. If you have friends/family that would like come watch the events they are more than welcome. If they would like to stick around for the party and get food/drinks the fee for them will be $15.


The Workouts will start at 1pm sharp on Saturday, September 6th. We anticipate the party to start at approximately 430pm.

Any questions/concerns/attempts to figure out the workouts can be directed to


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