CrossFit 414 In House Throwdown Workout 1

The first workout of the In House Throwdown will be a Clean and Jerk Ladder.

Athletes will begin at the lightest weight and proceed through the ladder seeing how high they can climb. 40 seconds will be allotted to successfully complete the lift followed immediately by a 20 second transition to the next bar.

Athletes must bring the bar from the ground to shoulder and finish overhead fully locked out with both feet together. Any version of the clean will be accepted (no need to pass through a full squat). From shoulder to overhead athletes can push press, push jerk or split jerk as long as they show control with both feet together to finish the lift.

Weights will be as follows for women:


Weights will be as follows for men:


If an athlete successfully completes the ladder they will complete as many deadlifts as possible with the remainder of the time until 40 seconds has passed.

Once an athlete is unable to successfully complete the clean and jerk they may deadlift the weight they failed at as many times as possible until 40 seconds has passed. This will be the tiebreaker score.


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