CF414 Methods: Weight Training

Before every new member starts up with us at CrossFit 414 we sit down and have a chat about what their goals are and how we can help them to get there. More often than not these goals end up being some combination of weight loss, improved body composition, or simply “looking fitter”. Weight training is one of the most often overlooked aspects of fitness that most people have been missing when they first start with us. Here are three common reasons we find that people are yet to begin a weight training routine and how we address them:

“ I am nervous or unsure how to do the movements”

I love it when people tell us this as they already took the hardest step to combat these nerves, which is walking through our doors. Once you start up everyone goes through our “Fundamentals” series of one-on-one personal training. This is where we teach you all the movements that we will do and get countless reps of practice using very light loads to form strong movement patterns. Before you are even into our group classes you will already have been exposed to all of our weight training movements.

“I don’t know what to do when I am at the gym”

Everyone who has been to a normal gym has probably experienced a day where they went in with the best intentions but left after an hour or two and felt like they accomplished very little. This is never an issue when you train with us! Your coach will guide you through an entire session from warm-up to workout so you do not need to know what to do. We will take care of everything from sets and reps, what weights to use while also giving you tips on form and technique throughout the hour.

“I am afraid of getting injured”

Within weight training injuries most often happen due to either poor technique or trying to go too heavy. The best way to combat poor technique is having a coach with eyes on your lifts. Our coaches are trained to give you quick corrections so you can get a great workout while still maintaining proper form. Also, we make sure to adhere to principles of progressive overload. We will slowly increase the weights you lift to make sure you can always handle the loads. 

Next up, we will address the different forms of weight training that we incorporate at the gym.


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