Artists Working In Education Benefit & Holiday Party

In just two short weeks we will be having our 7th Annual Holiday Benefit Workout and Party! This is always one of the best days of the year at the gym. See below for all of the details for this year’s party:

Who are we supporting?

The organization we will be supporting this year is Artists Working in Education. They are a local organization with the mission “to provide youth in the Milwaukee area with arts enrichment programs to enhance human potential, advance learning and cultivate community.”

We will also be supporting one of our own, Sam Bear, and her work at Street Life Communities and the Friedens Community Ministries Pantry.

What should we donate?

For Artists Working in Education we will be making a cash donation. So, cash or a check made out to Artists Working in Education will work. There is a suggested donation of $25.

Street Life Communities is in need of warm clothes for the winter. Pants, long sleeves, sweatshirts, hats, scarves, mittens and jackets in good condition will all work.

For Friedens Community Ministries any pantry food that is not expired will be great.

What else should we bring?

The gym will be providing some drinks and snacks. If you have any special dishes, holiday treats, or brunch cocktails you would like to bring, please do.

What is the schedule?

The workouts will start right at 930am. Do not be late! We will go over all of the structure for the day at 930am and it is very tough to stick to the schedule if we have stragglers. There will be two or three workouts and you can anticipate them wrapping up around 1130am. From there we will party until everyone leaves!

What are the workouts?

We are switching it up a bit this year and will be doing partner style workouts. Your coaches will be responsible for drafting teams. The workouts will be doable for everyone at the gym.

Who can I bring?

Bring any friends and family that you wish. If your guests would like to workout we just ask that they have sufficient CrossFit experience.

If you have any other questions that I did not answer please just shoot an e-mail to


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