Alex Erdmann, CF-L1 Trainer

I’m originally from Menomonee falls, Wisconsin and went to MFHS where I played baseball, football and ran track. After graduation, I was fortunate enough to play college baseball at UW-Milwaukee. I always enjoyed being an athlete, but not so much being in the weight room, until I started CrossFit in 2011. My first workout was Fran (21-15-9 thrusters/pull-ups), a workout that should be done <10min. took me about 15 minutes to finish and I couldn’t walk for a week.  When I recovered and could finally do a second CrossFit workout, I was hooked.  To this day, thrusters and pullups are two of my favorite movements.

When I first started at CF414, I just liked working out. I really enjoyed having something to look forward to at the end of the work day while getting a good hour-long workout in. But since getting my Level 1 Certification and coaching at 414, I’ve really enjoyed seeing members do things they didn’t think they could do, like their first pull-up or muscle up, the first time holding a handstand against the wall or climbing a rope.

My fitness goals include wearing out my dog, Bruce and being in the gym 4x a week, even if it means hitting a half hour session of a warm-up and quick metcon. As I get older, I’m realizing the importance of nutrition and stretching/mobility so being consistent with those two things have been and will be a focus for me.

My advice for new members is, enjoy the small things. You might not have a 500lb deadlift or 10 strict pullups right now but, if you learn to enjoy the extra five pounds you put on the deadlift bar from last week to this week you’ll get to where you want to be.


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