21 Day Primal Blueprint Challenge!

Beginning on Monday, September 23rd we are going to take on the Mark’s Daily Apple 21 Day Primal Blueprint Challenge as a gym! This challenge is for anyone. If you want to lose weight, perform better or just feel good throughout the day this is the challenge for you. Last Winter we did the Whole30 challenge as a group and everyone who participated had some awesome success. This challenge is not as restrictive and not only focuses on nutrition but also other lifestyle factors.

For those of you who have heard of the “Paleo Diet” but are unsure where to start this challenge will be great. Or maybe you eat mostly primal but let a few too many indulgences sneak in (I might be in this boat…) this will help you to really dial down and optimize your lifestyle. After 21 days you will see drastic changes both in your body and how you feel. In addition, you will have developed habits and the skills to make the primal way of living a lifestyle and not simply a diet.

How will it work at the gym?

We are going to get a sign up going this week and we want you all to publicly commit to taking on this challenge. Starting on the 23rd we will make a post related to the challenge everyday for 21 days. Everyone who is participating will be expected to comment on the post giving yourself a score out of 5:

  • 3 point for your nutrition.
  • 1 point for your sleep
  • 1 point for a fun primal challenge each day

Having this daily accountability and the support of everyone at the gym will help all of us achieve great success.

Starting now, begin poking around at Mark’s Daily Apple. He has tons of great information. I would suggest that you start with the Primal Blueprint 101 page.

Also, stay tuned for an exciting announcement coming tomorrow that will make following the program super simple and delicious. Just a hint…



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