12242015- “Twelve Days of CrossFit Christmas”

As always there will be multiple ways to scale the workout to suit your abilities. There will be one big class at 930am. If you are in town make sure to swing by! 

“12 Days of CrossFit Christmas”

1 Muscle Up or 1 Kettlebell Snatch each arm

2 Snatch

3 Toes to Bar

4 Burpees over Paralette

5 Shoulder to Overhead

6 Pull Ups

7 Kettlebell Swings

8 Ring Dips

9 Wall Balls

10 Calories Rower/Airdyne

11 Box Jumps

12 Clusters 

Complete it as the song goes (1 KB Snatch each arm then 2 Snatch-1 KB Snatch each arm then 3 Toes to Bar-2 Snatch-1 KB Snatch each arm…)


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