12132017- Favorite Nutrition Books/Cookbooks

Favorite Nutrition Books/Cookbooks from YTB Nutrition

A book or cookbook is always a great gift to give. Even with the abundance of free recipes available to us online sometimes it’s nice to cook out of a real book! Plus they make for good house decorations and things for guests to look at. A lot of you have mentioned wanting quick, easy recipes and several of these fit that bill. If you read my favorite food blogs you may recognize some of these names. These are either cookbooks or nutrition books that I own and cook out of often, have on my wishlist, or have read and enjoyed. Without further ado:

  1. Fed and Fit – Delicious and creative recipes! Many of her recipes could feed a crowd and are great for leftovers and freezing. I love the upfront of this book that talks about her four pillars: fitness, food, mindset, and lifestyle & hydration. There’s also a 28-day plan and a whole workout section at the end.
  2. Nomnompaleo Cookbook – This is one that I haven’t personally cooked from but have been eyeing up! I like all of the recipes that I’ve made from her website and this books looks like a lot of fun to cook from. She splits up the recipes in the book based on how much time you have to cook which makes it approachable for the novice to seasoned cook!
  3. Food Freedom Forever – This book comes from the creator of the Whole 30 program. Reading this really changed the way that I think about food. A powerful, relatable read that I will keep coming back to.
  4. Body Love – I read this entire thing in one weekend over the Summer. I really like the author’s approach and mindset to living a healthy lifestyle that makes it achievable for anyone. Kelly LeVeque is famous for her “fab four” smoothie and works with celebrity clientele – about a fourth of this book is recipes.
  5. Wired to Eat – A little more science focused but still a very informative, interesting read. If you’re interested in learning more about the ketogenic diet and carb testing this would be a good book to pick up. There’s also meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes included.

Let me know if you get any of these and what you think of them!


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