12102016- Charity Challenge

Please remember that we want to get started promptly at 10am. Gym will be open at 930am to start warming up. Also, please remember the most important part of the challenge is the Charity! Don’t forget to bring cash or checks made out to Pathfinders Milwaukee. 

Workout 1:

Find a Three Rep Max Shoulder to Overhead

  • Bars will be taken out of the rack
  • You will have 20 minutes to find your 3 Rep Max and unlimited attempts
  • Push Press, Push Jerk, and Split Jerk are all acceptable
  • You must show full control with weight locked out overhead and feet together for rep to count

Workout 2:

At 0:00 on the clock:

Row 1000 meters for time

At 6:00 on the clock:

Max Burpees over a Barbell in One Minute

  • Rowers will be set to count down from 1000 meters to give an exact time
  • Burpees must be completed with a two foot take off and two foot landing.
  • Burpees can done as lateral or bar facing

Your score for this event equals your row time in seconds minus the number of burpees completed. Example: If you row 3:50.6 (230.6 seconds) and complete 25 burpees your score is 205.6 (230.6 – 25). Lowest score wins.

Workout 3:

“414” Workout version 2.0

If you were here for version 1.0 you might know the layout. But, we have all new movements for 2016. The workout will be revealed at the event!


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