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Healthy Travel Tips from YTB Nutrition

As the holiday season quickly approaches, I wanted to offer up some healthy travel tips should you find yourself heading out of town in the next couple of months! 

The first, and possibly most important tip that I have, is to give yourself some grace when you’re on the road. Not every meal is going to be perfect, workouts may get thrown off, and you should absolutely enjoy yourself and your time with family & friends rather than stressing over food and exercise. That being said, here are a couple of things that have helped me: 

• Stay Hydrated! Traveling (especially flying) dehydrates you and since we aren’t engaging in our normal routine it’s easy to forget to drink water. I especially like to keep myself accountable by always carrying a water bottle, which at times can be a nuisance, but means I have no excuse to always have something to fill up. 

• Always bring snacks. Flight delays, lack of decent options, and hanger (hunger + anger) are all things that we may inevitably have to deal with while traveling. Arming yourself with some healthy snacks is one way to manage. I always travel with RxBars, nuts/raisins, nut butter packs, and travel friendly fruits like apples, bananas, and oranges. 

• Maintain your routine. To the best of your ability, try to recreate your typical daily routine wherever you find yourself. If you like working out in the morning, wake up and do something first thing even if that’s just a walk or quick body weight workout in your hotel room. Get creative! If you normally read before bed, bring a good book along. On my most recent trip I brought some collagen peptides to put into my morning coffee and magnesium to help me sleep at night, just like I would at home!

All of these things may sound simple but they have all really helped me to make the most out of my trips! Be on the lookout for a post all about staying healthy for the holidays.

Workout of the Day:

Every 5 minutes for 5 total rounds complete:

10 Deadlifts (approximately 60% of One Rep Max)

10 Toes to Bar

Max Row for Distance until 3:00 on clock



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