08072013- Why do you CrossFit?

Why do you CrossFit?

  • Today we want to focus on answering the question ‘Why do I CrossFit?’ for ourselves.  As we mentioned on Monday, there are many reasons why we all love to CrossFit, but we each have a specific draw that motivates us to come to gym each week and push ourselves to the point of exhaustion.

    • Do you CrossFit for aesthetic purposes (to lose some weight, achieve a better body composition, achieve a certain body fat percentage)?

    • Do you CrossFit because you are training for an event outside of the gym (marathon, tough-mudder, 7-minute mile 5k average split, local CrossFit competition)?

    • Do you CrossFit because you just want to be healthier (how is your mobility, are you conscious about you nutrition)?

  • We want to challenge everyone to think about why they CrossFit and try to work that reason into a goal using the language we touched on in yesterdays post!


Deadlift- 5/3/1 Week 2

3 reps at 70%

3 reps at 80%

3+ reps at 90%

*Everyone try to come in knowing both your training weight and your the weights you will use for all three sets.*

Workout of the Day:

3 sets:

1 minute Burpee Broad Jump

1 minute Sit Ups

1 minute Push Ups

rest 2 minutes

*Advanced: sub ring dips and toes to bar*



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