08062013- What is a goal?

 What is a goal?

  • A goal is a written statement with a deadline that inspires you to do the work.  Your goal should be something that excites you and may even scare you a little bit.  Your goal should be something that will personally motivate YOU and provide you with focus both inside and outside of the gym.  Do not set a goal that just sounds good or that your family/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc.. wants for you, instead set a goal that you want to achieve for YOURSELF.

  • A lot of people encourage SMART goal-setting:

    • Specific:  say exactly what you want to achieve

    • Measurable:  include a unit of measure in your goal

    • Attainable:  set a goal that is going to force you to reach but not something that is going to discourage you

    • Results-Oriented:  focus on the end result (we can work on devising a plan to achieve that end result later this week)

    • Time-phased:  give yourself a deadline

  • If these steps are helpful to you then that is great!  We want to encourage everyone to write your goal out in complete detail.  Instead of writing “to get a muscle up” as a goal, it is more powerful to say “I will get a muscle up by October 1st.”  This goal will provide you with a timeline for achieving your goal as well as a timeline for working the skills necessary to achieving this goal!

A cool resource that will keep you focused and motivated could be using futureme.  You can create an email that will be sent to your future self on a specified date.  This email could remind you to stay on path to achieving your goal by your set deadline.


Press- Build to a 3RM in 12 minutes

then Max Reps Push Press at 3RM Press weight

Workout of the Day:

Alternate with a partner for 8 total rounds:

8 Box Jump Over

8 Hang Power Clean

200m Run



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