07052014- Partner Saturday


Rotate through:

Bulgarian Split Squat x 5 each

Ab Wheel Roll Out or Strict Toes to Bar x 8-10 reps

Push Up x 5-8 reps (add weight or from rings)

Workout of the Day:

Rotate through twice with a partner:

4 minutes of:

Row for Max Meters (partner in FLR)

rest 1 minute

4 minutes of:

Airdyne for Max Calories (partner holds two kettlebells in front rack)

rest 1 minute

4 minutes of:

Max Rounds 5 Burpees + 2x Down/Back Shuttle (partner holds plate overhead)

rest 1 minute

CF414 Endurance:

Run 20 minutes for max distance

(Ideally you can run an out and back course. Run 10 minutes out and try to cover more distance on the way back.)



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