06232014- Push/Pull Development

Everyone please remember that we only have 5 parking spot available in the lot as indicated by the 5 arrows in the picture above. The gate will stay closed from now on, if you wish to park in the lot you will have to get out and open it and make sure to close it behind you. 


5 Rounds for quality of:

Function: 2 Pull Up Negatives + 8 Double Kettlebell Row

Performance: 5-8 Pull Ups (add weight each set)

rest 45 sec

Function: 5-8 Push Ups or Elevated Push Ups

Performance: 10-12 Ring Push Ups

rest 45 sec

Workout of the Day:

Complete 5 two minute rounds of:

Run 200 meters

8 KB Snatch each arm

Max Double Unders with remainder

*rest 2 min between each set *


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