05242014- Partner Saturday and Endurance Weekend Workout


Partner Strict Pull Up Ladders

Good Morning x 5-8 reps

PVC Shoot Throughs

Workout of the Day:

With a partner complete 2 rounds of:

5 minutes of:

Partner 1: 100 ft Farmers Carry

Partner 2: Ten Burpees

rest 2 minutes

5 minutes of:

Partner 1: 10 Calories Rower or Airdyne

Partner 2: 10 Overhead Squat or Front Squat

rest 2 minutes

CF414 Endurance:

Run 5k

  • If you are just getting back into running either only go 1.5 miles or cover 5k doing 1 minute of running and 1 minute of walking
  • Make sure to record your time
  • Use Gmap Pedometer to find a good route


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